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Onderwerp: TONEEL

31 Augustus 2012

Henry V – Performed by Illyria

Illyria Illyria Illyria
Tekst: Carol Greenshields (voor een keer in het Engels)
Beeld: Berbera van den Hoek

As the warning bell sounds, the first of Illyrias actors to appear informs us we have 10 minutes left to finish our picnics, drink up our wine and join the audience whether on chairs at the back or blankets on the ground at the front. Excellent warning; let the show begin. The setting for one of this year’s Shakespeare productions by Illryia is the beautiful Raadhuis in Wassenaar, where darkened woods curtain a gushing fountain in a pond and a few hundred guests lounge on blankets on the beautifully kept grass as the sun sets.

In black leather motorcycle trousers, black sweaters and black sturdy boots the 5 strong cast greet us by launching into Shakespearian prose while pulling on robes, gowns, armour or whatever necessary from the only prop on the tiny stage; a huge woven basket. A stylish and robust opening to lead us into the story of Henry V; or Harry to you and me!

Illyria Illyria Illyria

The audience of around 300 guests hangs on every word and even the fountain has stopped mid flow. Crystal clear voices ring out into early evening skies portraying the slightly traitorous family of King Henry V.  With only the help of clothing and characters a number of locations in England and in France are presented. One of the practiced and humorous scenes is repeated during the evening; three of the cast draw their swords, defend their actions, then attempt to put their swords back into the sheath – which doesn’t happen in one, two or three times but simultaneously on number four - a nice touch.

Henry V s passionate speech to rally his troops reaches enables him to do battle and as it turns out even win in spite of death and disease among his men.  The Welsh, Irish and Scottish accents of the officers are exaggeratedly and mirthfully presented to the enjoyment of the audience. When the scene returns to France, Shakespeare is once more mischievous in his translations when Alice, lady in attending, tries to teach princess Katherine, or Kate, English words. The pronunciation is highly amusing and nails become ‘nayalls’, a neck is a ‘nick’ and fingers are ‘fangus’ to name but a few.

Illyria Illyria Illyria

The transformation of each cast member has something magical about it; that is until it happens on stage when it loses its sparkle. My only criticism of this excellent performance was using the basket and dressing on stage; as an opening scene perfect but not to repeat it a number of times. The performance continued when the sky turned dark and the first drops of rain began to fall without wavering, or losing its quality when part of the audience sidled off, just as enthralled, but taking shelter in the nearby tents. Towards the closing scenes the rain slowed and the kings victory also meant gaining Kate (princess Katherine) as his wife. His knowledge of French and her knowledge of English put them both at a disadvantage but created comical closing scenes. All five members of the cast strongly and confidently portrayed both the male and female roles. An added bonus was having the French versus English language so humorously presented.

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